Top five unique gadgets

Top five unique gadgets

Today we talked about 5 unique gadgets you don't know but you can buy on Amazon.
So let's start.
 1.l thermostat
Top five unique gadgets
It is a gadget to you. That change your normal home to Smart home. It is a small gadget first you have to connect this gadget to your Wi-Fi then you can control this by your voice it control your television music system etc by your voice It also control the overheating of your device and this is its best feature.

2.Wireless Mouse pen
Top five unique gadgets
It is a wireless mouse through you control your PC and connect with bluetooth. According to me It is a very useful can write in PC and tablet .It is the best feature of this Mouse.

3. solar charging Power Bank

You have already seen many solar charging power Bank but it is apart from that because of it's design . There is a vacuum plate behind it so it can easily fit at any plane surface like glass. You can use this device in your car glass .Guy it is awesome device.It's
 link shown in last of this post go and check it out.

4.NoKe pad lock
Top five unique gadgets
In smart world everything is changing except locking system.

I gonna to tell you the best lock ever which do not key required.

Noky company that follow the rule no key . It's lock work by Bluetooth you just once connect your device with lock. Then when your devicecomes in the contact of this lock the lock will open you just have to press over it.You can change pressing pattern.There is another future available by you can use more than one trusted device and if you don't have your trusted devise. you can open your lock by It's other lock pattern.

Apollo 7 the wireless earphone. 
Top five unique gadgets
It is the world most compact wireless earphone.

This earphone come in aluminium cave where battery is enabled so when it is not in use  it  charging you will never have to run out power .It is very easy to portrait and  it sound more louder and clear then other comparative

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