Real vs Fake iPhone unboxing.

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How to spot a fake iphone

Now I am with the fake iPhone going to unbox   in other hand I have also real iPhone.

 let's find out difference between both.

Being a guy who unbox numbers of iPhone oh God it's look like a real iPhone 

1.I noticed that the front facing camera little bit more pronounce on the knockout.

2. The charging pin of fake iPhone have a outer layer with line.

3. The fake iPhone is little bit lighter then original.

4. The edge of fake iPhone comparatively rough rough than original.

5. On the time of unboxing there should be Chinese writing inside the box.

6. The fake iPhone is work on Android but it's kind of like look iOS.

7. Image quality of real or fake one have a lot of difference.

8. there is a little vibration in fake one.

So my conclusion is that .on Real vs fake the screen should be back in vibrate click the camera quality should be obvious check the app the fake one take you to Google Play but otherwise they might have you fool.

Don't send your grandma ma to buy an iPhone after excitement she might have back with fake one.😀😀😀
Ujjawal Raj
Ujjawal Raj

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