Now in internet lot of videos article that show you how to increase RAM of mobile by installing an application
Is this possible it works on your mobile and other devices  you have many question in your mind today we gonna to discuss about this topic.

Hi friends it's Ujjawal and you are on technical issues so let's start.

Before you read this  article I give an statement to you for better understanding you read the whole article.

You can increase your mobile other devices  RAM theoretically but practically or logically it's not possible.
Now I tell you reason behind it first you have to understand about storage.

Friends RAM is the fastest memory fastest mens the speed of data trasfering
(giving or taking data) is many times more then your memory card,hard drive and internal storage
It's because your a all temporary data is stored in RAM and processor interact through RAM for data transfer if RAM is not fast it create a barrier in transfering data then it's not matter how much powerful processor in your device.

And you know that cost of RAM 2GB and 8GB inside your computer is more than 1 TB hard drive similarly the 1GB  RAM of your mobile phone is more or equal then 16 GB 32 GB memory card.

And some people came and tell I increase my device RAM only in one minute they make video on YouTube publish article by title increase your mobile RAM by 2 GB in 2 minutes with proof.


Yes they do
First you need root access in your device ok you rooted your mobile phone then you install RAM expander like application. Wow it's amazing I increase my device RAM by TWO GB

But do you know what application do with your smartphone or device.

 they use some part of storage of your memory card or internal storage as Ram but it not work like RAM it degrade or downgrade your system.Because in your mobile there is original Ram and you made some parts of memory card or internal storage as Ram the speed of internal storage of memory card cannot be match from your original Ram and it become a barrier for data transferring and by taking out getting data in processor your internal storage or memory card will destroy because it's not made for giving or taking data and only RAM is designed for this work so it will work for a long time.

 but people always try to increase RAM in their mobile or devices on youtube they watch video on google they read random artical and what happen they start rooting their devise installing such type of application and distroy their devise

Now I suggest you don't be keen to increase your RAM in your device if your device RAM  is less then upgrade your system software and try to use less application.

Now it's over I hope you guys like this article

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Ujjawal Raj
Ujjawal Raj

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